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What's a Private Romantic Hike? 

‚ÄčMaybe you'd rather not spend two to three hours hiking in the beauty of the Smokies with strangers, but would rather spend it with your significant other instead? Or, maybe you'd make it a surprise engagement hike, complete with photos of that magic moment when the ring is presented. Then our private romantic hike is for you!  Private hikes include a trusted guide, (See Trip Advisor Review Link ) who safely customizes your Smoky Mountain trail experience, by contouring the whole route adventure based on your abilities, and what you'd both enjoy. Then, you can enjoy the most exciting intimate adventure possible!  

During the hike, your guide fills you in on the Park and area history, and leads you to the more private trails and waterfalls, based on your abilities,  and captures those moments with professional photography,

You'll also receive a great calorie burning workout. Allowing you to eat the local cuisine guilt free! Non-alcoholic bubbly & wine glasses can also be provided upon request for a small fee. We'll even offer friendly concierge advice, so you can enjoy other cost effective memory making moments together, before and after you have an adventure with us!. 

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